How To Use Your Pizzelle Iron

Like using most equipment, using a pizzelle iron can require a little finesse to get it to do exactly what you want. So we thought we’d put together a list of the most common complaints and tips people have made, so you can save a bit of time and hopefully get your first batch of pizzelle right, the first time and every time.

Don’t get impatient!

This is by far the most common mistake people make to begin with. A little over-eagerness means people start trying to make pizzelle before the machine has reach the correct temperature to cook with. What usually happens, when the iron isn’t hot enough, is the batter will leak from the molds. This makes one hell of a mess of the machine! Meaning you’ll spend more time cleaning you press than using it. Most presses come with a temperature indicator light which comes on/goes off when the correct temperature has been reached – use it or regret it!

Oven gloves can save a burn or two

OK, so I’m a bit clumsy, but if you’re like me use some oven gloves when opening your press to get your lovely batch of pizzelles out. They can sometimes leak a bit of steam which can burn your fingers and not all presses come with a steam guard. Trust me, steam burns are really painful and you don’t want them. In fact apply this rule to nearly everything hot in the kitchen!

Sometimes the instruction manual is wrong

Not for everything mind, but certainly sometimes for where to pour your batter within the mold. Some manuals tell you to pour your batter towards the back of you pizzelle mold but I’ve not heard anyone agree this is a good idea. In fact, most say its a terrible idea and you’d be much better pouring your batter where logic dictates – which is in the middle of the mold. I’d go with this as the batter often just squeezes out of the mold when you pour it in lopsided. Disclaimer!: this may not be true for every machine, so test it yourself and if you notice it leaking then adjust where you pour the batter.

Use your temperature control if you have one.

This is always down to personal preference, but just like a good cup of coffee or how well you done you like your steak, you may find you like a slightly more or less browned pizzelle. A temperature control will allow you to cook them to your preference without the thinking, or opening the iron every few seconds to check how well done your pizzelle are, which is good as we have way too much to think about these days!