Palmer Oval Pizzelle Maker



Bored with round pizzelle? Why not make oval ones instead?

This quality pizzelle press makes a slightly different pizzelle than usual. It produces oval  pizzelle instead of round and comes complete with a free set of cannoli forms, allowing you to make longer and slightly thinner cannoli than you can with a round press. It can make 3 oval pizzelle 4-5/8″ x 2-3/4″ at once and as with all palmer presses has cast aluminum plates for durability and even heat distribution.

The Verdict?

All palmer makers come with rave reviews from satisfied customers who have had their makers for years and years, and this one is no exception. Even those who are new to making pizzelle are singing this presses praises for its quality construction, durability and even cooking. It costs a little more than most makers on the market but sometimes you really do pay for quality.


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