Palmer 3 Round Pizzelle Maker



A Solid Cast Iron Construction and Durable Quality Gives This Palmer Pizzelle Maker an Edge

People love this pizzelle press – Palmer has a reputation for producing the finest quality Pizzelle presses that have been know to last for decades opposed to just a few years. This Pizzelle press features three, 3″ round molds which produce the signature snowflake print on your pizzelle. The sturdy cast aluminum baking plates and body give this press a quality, durable feel which sometimes is lacking in some of today’s mass produced goods. The aluminum baking plates also ensure an even heat distribution and once heated fully can cook your pizzelle in around one minute. The body of this pizzelle maker is also made from chrome and cast aluminum which further enhances its quality.

As with most of Palmers goods this pizzelle maker is lovingly made within the USA and, if you contact the manufacturer directly, you can also claim a 10 year warranty – not many purchased goods come complete with a 10 year warranty these days. A sure sign of how confident Palmers are of the quality of their products.

The Verdict?

Given the reputation of Palmers and the study cast aluminum construction of this press makes it a sure fire winner that should last you a long time, and as a further added bonus, Palmers have included a free cone roller which each maker purchased. So, if you’re looking for a higher quality press for more frequent baking that will last longer than some of the cheaper alternatives we think you may have found what you’re looking for.


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