Nonstick Palmer Pizzelle Maker



Want a non-stick Palmer press? Well, look no further…

Palmers are known for their quality cast aluminum presses, which are durable and long lasting. The problem was that because the surface of the baking plates was simple cast aluminum (with no non-stick coating) your batch of pizzelle would sometimes stick to the plates unless you added a small amount of oil. But even then some owners of these makers have reported that, for the first time anyway, parts of their cooked pizzelle would still stick to the plates when they tried to remove them. It was the trade off you got for having a durable pizzelle maker, compared to some of the cheaper makers on the market. We’ve read some reviews where people almost returned their presses for this exact reason. People more familiar with baking love their Palmers presses but those who were new to baking pizzelle wanted something with the Palmers quality, but a bit more ‘ready out of the box’ so to speak.

It seems that in response to this Palmers have created another product to add their arsenal with the introduction of a non-stick press. The baking plates on this press have a non-stick teflon coating, ensuring that you can remove your pizzelle with ease – without leaving any parts of the cookie stuck inside.  Also, the teflon coating makes cleaning the unit a breeze. And can be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth once it has cooled. This combination of the same high quality cast aluminum and chrome baking plates along with the teflon coating is sure to appeal to more people who want the quality of a Palmers press combined with the ‘ease of use’ that some of the mid to lower end models offer.

This press can make 2, 5″ cookies at any one time and comes complete with a free cone roller so you can make your pizzelle into canoli if you want to. And, because this is a Palmers press, if you contact the manufacturer directly you can also take advantage of their amazing 10 year guarantee – this gives some stock as to why Palmers presses are so popular. Not many things come with a 10 year guarantee these days.


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