CucinaPro 220-02 Pizzelle/Krumkake Baker



This CucinaPro Baker makes delicious pizzelle and krumkake!

cucina-proWe love this stylish and simple pizzelle maker by CucinaPro. It features a polished chrome style exterior plating and flat black baking plates which gives this maker a hugely stylish appearance. It is also very simple to use which is also a huge plus!

As soon as you turn this pizzelle maker on the unit begins to heat itself to the correct baking temperature automatically and features a handy indicator light which informs you when the optimum temperature has been reached. It will also automatically re-heat itself during cooking to make sure your pizzelle always come out at the correct temperature.

cucina-pro-220-02The interior of the unit features non-stick baking plates which ensures your pizzelle don’t get stuck to the inside of the machine and also makes it a breeze to clean. There’s also some longer handles which allows you to open the maker and not burn your hands on the escaping steam – handy if you’re prone to kitchen accidents!

The Verdict:

If you’re looking for a simple and easy to use pizzelle maker we think this one is a good fit. It’s simple operation and cleaning is sure to please most people.